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As violent crime (and gun crime) continues to drop around the nation, even as more states pass new protections for constitutional carry, it’ strange to hear liberals continue to call for new gun control laws.

Ignoring the facts, liberals continue to point to violent gang enclaves like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and the like to argue that we NEED more gun control. Again, the problem is that gun crime and violence in general is on the decline across the rest of the nation, so gun freedom really can’t explain the rising problems in certain cities.

However, there is a common trend between the cities currently experiencing rising crime and violence problems – can you guess what that commonality is? If you guessed, they’re all run by Democrats, you’d be right.

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The problem isn’t guns. The problem is Democrat policies that have laid waste to our urban centers, created massive poverty, and not given the poorest among us any opportunity to escape their struggles.

Case in point, Chicago. Chicago has some of the most extreme gun laws in the nation and yet, gun violence continues to wreak havoc across the city.

Forty-one people in Chicago were wounded and three were killed in a weekend that saw several multi-victim shootings, an attack on a popular South Side beach and an officer-involved shooting that fatally wounded a man who authorities say first shot at police.

The number of people shot so far this year is down by almost 10 percent compared to the same date in 2016, with 1,924 people shot as of July 10 this year compared to 2,113 people shot in 2017. Homicides are slightly up, with 353 killed this year compared with 350 at this point in 2017. 

Still, Liberals seem more worried about gun culture in low crime, conservative areas than they do the uber-violent urban centers. Kind of like this liberal lady who was vacationing in Branson, Missouri:

And some of the liberals who commented on her post:

Someone else responded tongue-in-cheek (at least I hope it was) that she must be in a very dangerous part of the country.

But of course… as we all know… she wasn’t in any danger at all. Even with all of the conservative gun lovers in Missouri.

Finally, someone played the role of “the voice of reason” on the thread and pointed out the irony that we’ve already discussed here today.

Interesting, indeed.


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