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Many rumors have been floating around this year that with pro-2nd Amendment Donald Trump in the White House and Republicans in control of both the House and Senate, gun sales have drastically dropped off. However, a new report on the number of background checks run by the FBI, which reveals that so far this year, 2017 is on pace to come in just behind the all-time record set in 2016.

In a welcome surprise for the arms industry, 2017 is on a pace to easily be the second biggest for gun sales ever, and could beat last year’s record.

New gun background check data released Thursday by the FBI revealed that 12,601,102 checks have already taken place this year. Background checks are seen as a good gauge of gun sales, though not all sales have to go through the system and some sales are rejected.

In June, the FBI conducted 1,901,768. That is 229,717 less than in June of 2016. In May, there were more background checks conducted than in May 2016. Last year a record 27,538,673 checks were conducted…

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It’s possible that part of the reason that gun sales are up is that in many states, Democrats continue to push for strict gun control laws and citizens want to buy while they can. Another possible reason is that crime in many areas has become such a problem that more people are buying guns for self-defense. I’ve even heard that one reason is that people are afraid that Democrats could regain control in 2020 and they want to buy now while they can.




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