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The left’s intolerance is becoming an incredible embarrassment for the American culture, and must be examined as a source of possible bigotry in this nation.

Truthfully, the question that we need to be asking right now is, “at what point is this considered discrimination?”.  Americans who ascribe to the conservative, traditional values, (orthodox Americans, if you will), are being held to a different standard than their liberal counterparts.

Simply put; those who are in disagreement with the latest gun-grabbing nonsense from the liberal left are being treated as second class citizens.

Such is that case at all levels of American society as well, abhorrently demonstrated by the story of a young man whose views on the Second Amendment had him forcefully removed from an anti-violence walkout at his high school.

“A Minnesota high school student was booted off campus by the school’s principal, reportedly over a pro-Second Amendment sign that he brought to a school walkout against gun violence on Wednesday.

“The New Prague High School student brought a sign reading ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,’ that prompted his principal, Lonnie Seifert, to escort him off school grounds, the Jordan Independent reported.

“Approximately 100 students from the school participated in the National School Walkout calling for stronger gun control.”

Luckily, one of the students fellow classmates was prepared for such bigotry, and was rolling on his phone’s video camera as the incident unfolded.

We have to kid kudos for the kid dropping “Supreme Court!” and what sounded like a case file just before Seifert eschewed the last vestiges of his manhood in order to slither over to the student and point a finger in his face.

Real tough guy, this principal.

The nation has been thoroughly divided by the left on the issues of gun rights in America following the Parkland, Florida mental-illness rampage of Valentine’s Day – a tactic that we see time and time again from the liberals.  Their divide and conquer strategy is the only way in which they can shore up support among Americans.

We mustn’t allow this to continue.  This assault on speech, this coup against diversity will beget hate.  They always do.  And when the left weaponizes hate, Americans get hurt.

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