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San Francisco is one of the most liberal cities and areas in the nation. As such, they are very anti-America, anti-Constitution, anti-Christian and anti-2nd Amendment. When three businessmen wanted to open a gun shop in the area, the Alameda Board of Supervisor’s denied the permit application for the store. They claimed the location violated county zoning rules that stipulated guns shops had to be at least 500 feet from any residence and since there was a house only 446 feet away, the permit was denied.

The businessmen took the county to court, but the case was dismissed in 2013 only to be reopened last year by the 9th Circuit Court, the most liberal and anti-American court in the nation.

Circuit Court Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain wrote the decision for the full court, which basically said the right to sell guns is not protected by the 2nd Amendment and that the county did nothing wrong in denying the permit.

A San Francisco Bay Area county did not violate the Second Amendment by prohibiting three businessmen from opening a gun store near a residential area because there is no protected right to sell guns, an en banc Ninth Circuit ruled Tuesday.

In 2010, John Teixeira and his business partners Steve Nobriga and Gary Gamaz challenged the Alameda County Board of Supervisors’ decision to revoke a permit to open a shop called Valley Guns and Ammo in an unincorporated part of the county.

The board said the proposed location near San Leandro violated a county ordinance prohibiting gun stores within 500 feet of a residential area. The proposed location was 446 feet from a house.

According to the businessmen’s federal lawsuit, the board changed zoning laws to block the business…

In ruling against the businessmen, O’Scannlain referred to the lawsuit as a ‘mundane zoning dispute dressed up as a Second Amendment challenge’. The court pointed to the fact that there was already 1 gun store only 600 feet away from the proposed location and that there were 9 other gun stores within the county, so the argument that the zoning ordinance was made to prevent the men from opening a gun store was irrelevant and not worth any merit.



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