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When we take a good, hard look at the 2nd Amendment of these United States, there are 4 words that we must always remember to recite:

“Shall not be infringed”.

Taken as literally as possible, (the only way the Founding Fathers would have written anything), this means that all Americans should have access to weapons with which to successfully topple their own government, no matter what.

Of course, in the modern world of averages and compromise, the left has been able to already undermine that interpretation with a number of laws that may or may not have merit in our modern day.  That’s where Cody Wilson comes in.

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Wilson, a 28 year old freedom advocate, is at the center of a court battle over technology he developed that would allow people all over the world to 3D print their own, untraceable, one-time-use guns.  Those who believe in ultimate freedom are amazed by the possibilities that Wilson’s invention have, but those who have fallen for the liberal gun-grab schemes are vehemently opposed to the sharing of the blueprints online, immediately turning this into a debate about two amendments.

“As he battles litigation in the courts, Wilson continues to expand first and second amendment rights. He created the free speech payment platform Hatereon that allows for the financial support of radical and controversial thinkers who have been banned from Patreon, PayPal, and Kickstarter. Hatereon has been featured on the SPLC’s “hate watch list” (SPLC on Hatereon) and features some of the alt and new right’s most outspoken members including blacklisted comedian Sam Hyde and Daily Stormer chief Andrew Anglin. By 2015 Wilson was ready to take his ideas on free-market anti-government gun ownership to another level completely. He listed a new product on Defense Distributed called the Ghost Gunner and this time he wasn’t using plastic. The Ghost Gunner ( is a 1500$ CNC (computer numerical controlled) desktop gun manufacturing mill that can create a range of firearms from handguns to AR-15’s out of aluminum material alone. For $100 worth of aluminum, any individual in this country with a basic understanding of computer software can use this CNC mill to manufacture firearms on their desktop table. No serial numbers & no government licenses. What Wilson’s CNC mill promises are completely unregulated under-the-table firearms and anti-gun activists aren’t happy about it.”

Is Wilson on the precipice of launching a new civil rights battle in America over digital freedom?  Or will the left be able to stop him in his tracks by exploiting the emotional reactions of their segregated core?  Let us know in the comments.


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