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Both the mainstream media and public school system in America are controlled and run by liberal progressives who have strong left-winged political agendas. The bulk of Americans listen to the liberal mainstream media and believe a lot of the lies they tell. The public school system is brainwashing young minds against America, guns, capitalism, Christianity, patriotism, free enterprise and everything that made America the great nation it was.

It wasn’t that long ago when guns were an accepted part of American culture and life. Hunting, target shooting and self-protection were a mainstay of America. When I went to high school, the opening day of rifle season for deer was nearly a state holiday and was an acceptable excuse for missing school. It was common to see pick-up trucks in the school parking lot with gun racks in the back window of the cab, with 1 or 2 rifles, and no one took notice nor do I recall anyone breaking into a truck to steal the rifles. Of course, back in those days, many of us boys carried pocket knives everywhere including school.

Back then, we still started the day by standing, facing the American flag, putting our right hand over our heart and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Any talk of the Bible or Christianity at school and in class was still acceptable. Those students who didn’t believe in God, just accepted the fact that the major did and they just didn’t participate. We were also taught to love America and respect other people and their belongings. We were taught decent morals, ethics and values all through school from kindergarten through high school.

Due to the constant liberal progressive brainwashing of the mainstream media and public school system, the America many of us knew will cease to exist in less than another generation. From the land of the free, America will soon become land of the socialist oppressed and I seriously doubt if we will ever get back to the great nation we were.



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