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That’s a pretty good description of the effect of a muzzle suppressor. What it didn’t describe is the nearly eardrum shattering sound most guns make when fired, which is the real purpose behind the effort to make suppressors easier to purchase. One of the main arguments used to support the effort is that many long-time gun enthusiasts lose some or all of their hearing after years of shooting. This has plagued many military personnel, hunters, target shooters and those that participate in trap and skeet shooting. This is also why most, if not all, gun ranges require shooters to wear some kind of ear protection when on the firing range.

Arguments have been made that hunters should wear ear protection when out hunting, but those that make such an argument know nothing about hunting. When hunting many game birds and animals, a great deal of the hunting success is hearing the birds flush from the ground, bushes or trees; hearing the birds flying at a distance, hearing a deer or elk stepping on a dry leaf or twig or hearing the sound of a rabbit as it scurries through the undergrowth.

A good friend of ours was not only an avid hunter but he participated in tournament skeet shooting and did very well. He would shoot 1,200 to 1,500 shotgun rounds a month to hone his skill and accuracy. He did this for a number of years and now has to wear hearing aids because of how much hearing he lost.

Allowing suppressors would not eliminate hearing loss for many shooters and hunters, but it could greatly reduce the damaging effects caused by a lot of shooting.

However, the two naïve and liberal authors of the US News post posit:



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