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The radical leftists of the nation are growing more bizarre, and berserk, by the week.  Now, they’ve pushed their conniving to new heights, attempting to game the electoral system.

Of course, repealing the Second Amendment is the name of the game over on the lunatic fringes of the democratic party, and that can only occur in some piece-meal form.  A wholesale repeal would end in more bloodshed than this country is ready for, and not even the most die hard socialists on the left are ready to take things to this extreme.

So their ammunition will be legislation, and the powered within that casing will be the people.  Voters.  Constituents, also, but they are more importantly voters.  You see, the democrats may not care at all for your needs and wants, but they’ll smile and shake your hand all the way to the ballot box.

That is precisely what is happening in a number of locales this week, as hardcore anti-gun organizations are guiding young Americans right toward a part-and-parcel, diet repeal.

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Everytown and Giffords, teamed up with NextGen America, are pledging $1.5 million in an initiative announced Thursday with a goal of sending at least 50,000 new 18 and 19-year-old voters to the polls in the mid-term elections this fall. The groups argue that a small force of fresh, motivated voters could be key in help progressives flip Congress and take control of state legislatures.

“The politicians who have pocketed millions from the NRA and done nothing to make our schools and communities safer will now be voted out,” said former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords in a statement. “They will be voted out by the young Americans that are reminding our country to be better, to dream bigger.”

The initiative would focus on identifying and registering teen voters in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin, going so far as to pre-register 16-and-17 year olds where allowed. Historically, midterm elections generate lower voter turnout than quadrennial presidential elections, with those voters who turn out skewing towards Republican candidates. In 2014, just 36 percent of eligible voters punched ballots, reportedly the lowest figures in 70 years.

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Few are willing to discuss the reason why the left truly targets the youngest possible demographic, because it’s a bit uncomfortable, but here goes:

Young people have been sheltered, fed, clothed, bathed, and generally kept alive by their parents in a familial socialist state known as “da crib”.  The breadwinners bring home the bacon, you invest in knowledge, and presents show up under the tree every Christmas.

But, as these young people grow independent, throughout college and beyond, that independence will steer them far away from the socialism of their parental parliament.  The left needs to snatch them young, or else they won’t be able to piggyback off of these kids’ resentment for responsibility.


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