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Dana Loesch made a video ad supporting the NRA and gun rights, back in April but most media outlets didn’t begin showing it until last month. in the ad, Loesch characterizes anti-gun fanatics as people who use false accusations of racism, sexists, xenophobes who turn to protests and violence. Video of an anti-gun march proves that Loesch was accurate with her characterization.

In her, now controversial, recruiting ad for the NRA, Dana Loesch talks about a shadowy and ubiquitous “they” using “their” media and influence to mislead, misdirect, foster dissent, generate accusations of racism, sexism, and xenophobia, and foment protests that often include violence.

She concludes the ad by stating that the only way to combat the “violence of lies” is with the “clinched fist of truth.”

The response to the ad, which debuted in April, but wasn’t picked up by the media until late June, was a textbook example of exactly what Loesch talked about in the ad – and of course, the irony of that has been completely overlooked by traditional media…

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Most liberals are usually ignorant of the facts and they tend to characterize anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideas as being haters, racists and phobes of some kind. It’s a tactic used by LGBT activists, black activists and Democrats. They preach tolerant and yet are the most intolerant people of all. They are also some of the biggest hypocrites as they push gun control to reduce violence and then turn to violence themselves to make their protests.





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