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A Quiznos’ restaurant employee gave three robbers a run for their money when they tried to take the money and run. The three thugs tried to rob the place in a “take over” style, until an armed employee pulled out a gun.

One of the burglars was shot and listed in serious condition after she was taken to the hospital. Her partners in crime fled the scene.


The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Wilking said that at about 6 p.m. Tuesday, the female suspect and two men entered the Quiznos at 1775 S. 4130 West, locked the door behind them and produced two handguns. There were two employee(s) in the store, one at the front counter and one in the back, (SLCPD Detective Greg) Wilking said.

While one of the robbers was attempting to get money from the register, the other two robbers tried to get into a back room, Wilking said. There, the second employee barricaded herself behind the door by pushing on it with her body, and then began firing a gun she had on her around the edge of the door, Wilking said.

The employee fired two to six shots. One bullet hit the female robber and another hit a window. No shots were fired by the robbers, Wilking said. When the female robber was hit, the two males left, taking an undisclosed amount of cash. Wilking said the employee began shooting “because of the severity of the situation.”

“It was a take-over style robbery … which is much more dangerous for everyone involved,” he said. “We don’t see very many of those. It was a very scary situation.”

It is remarkable that the employee was able to shoot around the edge of a door without hurting anyone innocent nearby. She was able to stop the attack and eliminate the danger to her life in a reasonable fashion.


“This is an extreme type of robbery,” Wilking said. “We’re talking about a situation where they’re locking the door, they’re forcing their way into the back room; it’s a takeover-style robbery. It’s not something that we see very often, much more dangerous for everybody involved.”

If you are able to carry to work then do it! I do not go anywhere without my gun, and that includes work. You never know when you may need it.

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