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Obama flunky and top-ranking Democrat Dan Pfeiffer is tired of listening to Democrats give lip-service to the 2nd Amendment, when he knows that the party leadership actually believes the Amendment should be repealed.

Pfeiffer took to the pages of the leftwing Crooked in order to make his case that the Democrats needed to stop pandering to pro-2nd Amendment voters, and start making a passionate case to do away with our understanding of the 2nd Amendment. Pfeiffer isn’t calling for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment but a completely new (and totally illogical) understanding of what the Amendment was actually saying.

Pfeiffer argues that the Democrats should just forget trying to seem like they agree/understand the 2nd Amendment, and should instead do everything they can to convince Americans to ignore the 2nd Amendment and vote for illegal/unconstitutional policies.

“We are nibbling around the edges instead of proposing bold, meaningful solutions,” Pfeiffer wrote. His suggestions included implementing a national gun registry, mandating “smart-gun technology,” and rolling-out a buy-back program similar to Australia’s.

Pfeiffer accused Democrats of being “brainwashed” into expressing support for the Second Amendment and the culture of gun owners.

“Democratic politicians have been brainwashed by political hacks like me to begin all of their statements about guns by declaring support for the Second Amendment and a deep affinity for the cultures of hunters and sportsmen,” Pfeiffer wrote.

He suggested Democrats’ failures only indicate they should ramp up their ambitions on gun control.

“The Democratic gun control strategy fails because it is defined by this poverty of ambition—the determination never to look beyond fear of political repercussions,” he wrote, going on to propose a series of unprecedented actions to curtail gun rights in America.


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