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In the today’s news, liberals have lost. Again. This particular time, the Cali lefties are in tears after their proposed gun ban was shot down.

Democrats attempted to expand the definition of the scary “assault weapons” so that they would impose more rules to them. However, the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) flushed the bill down the toilet, where it belongs….Because it is BS.

Federalist Papers reports:

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In May, State Attorney General Xavier Becerra delivered the proposed new rules to the OAL, which would require Californians to report certain guns into a state database.

The NRA and other groups were opposed to the new rule change – which contains 40 new definitions reclassifying firearms as “assault weapons.” They said there are several “potential illegalities” with the rules as written and demanded that they be opposed or withdrawn, reports.

Chuck Michel, counsel in the state for the NRA and CRPA, told on Tuesday his team is fighting for Californians’ Second Amendment rights at every turn.

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Michel stated, “We have multiple lawsuits filed and pending, and we are watch-dogging every step taken by the administrative agencies,” he continued, “We will push these and other efforts as far as they need to go, including back to the Supreme Court, to protect the right to choose to own a gun for sport or to defend our families.”

State residents who are already required to register their so-called “assault weapons” online face another dilemma. The website set up to accept registrations is still not working.

One reason the OAL rejected the new rule: The state didn’t provide for public comment.

“They just want to railroad it through the Office of Administrative Law and get them published without any public comment,” Michel told on Tuesday in a phone call. He fears since the latest set of regs revise the same code sections as the first, there are still multiple illegalities in DOJ’s latest version.

Of course they did not provide public comment! They knew that if they did so, there would be so many people to speak out against it, that it would never get passed. Aside from a few of the larger cities in California, a MAJORITY of the state is actually Conservative. There are just so many people living in those larger cities that the state swings blue. However, there are still enough conservative people in the state to shoot down ridiculous bills like this.


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