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Last night, North Dakota became the 13th state to pass Constitutional Carry into law. The law repeals the requirement that forces citizens to ask permission from the government to carry a concealed firearm. The North Dakota Senate passed the bill on Tuesday and it was signed into law by Republican Governor Doug Burgum late last night. They have more work do to though; openly carrying a firearm in North Dakota still requires a permit. They follow New Hampshire which became the 12th state to pass Constitutional Carry into law back in February when Governor Chris Sununu signed Senate Bill 12 into law.

What’s interesting is that ten states have now passed some type of Constitutional Carry law since 2010. Previous to that only Vermont and Alaska were Constitutional Carry states, Vermont having been one since their inception. Alaska passed the law in 2003. Some will question the true validity of Arkansas a Constitutional Carry state. Their laws are a bit convoluted and not as straight forward as other states. Various states have indeed passed these laws with some type of requirements.

Why is it that so many states are passing these “permitless carry” laws across the country? Laws that no longer require citizens to ask permission of the government to practice rights that are actually protected by the 2nd Amendment, especially when it comes to carrying concealed? There seems to be one common denominator in answering that question – Michael Bloomberg.



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