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Sometimes the liberal left needs a little reminder that a semi-automatic rifle in .223 caliber isn’t the terrifying “weapon of war” that they’ve made it out to be.

If you want to see a “weapon of war”, you ought to take a visit to Bob Bigando.

For most firearms collectors, a pristine patina and bone-stock components will get the hair on your arms raised.  In order to get Bob’s interest piqued, however, you’re going to need something just a little more substantial.

You see, Bob is a man who likes to go boom.

When you’re sick you call a doctor. When your car breaks down, you call a mechanic. When you want an artillery gun, you call Bob Bigando, or Dangerous Bob, as he’s more commonly referred to in the firearms community. Bigando is the one of the nation’s leading experts when it comes to big guns. He helps collectors find, buy, restore and fire large caliber weapons.

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Bigando got the paperwork back for his first destructive device shortly after he turned 21, the age you’re legally allowed to own one. Since then, he’s turned his passion into a full time job. His nickname is the result of the inherent danger of his business. Fortunately, his only physical injury has been minor. He lost half his pinky finger in 2004 when it was blasted off by a .50-cal primer.

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So when Bob got his hands on one of World War II’s most iconic big guns, you knew that he wouldn’t waste a minuted getting her back up and operational.

Nice shot, Bob.

This bad boy isn’t just loud and loaded; it has the pedigree as well.

In early 2018, he caught wind of a 1943 Ordnance QF 2-pounder for sale in Pennsylvania. The gun, a British 2-pounder, as it’s more commonly referred to, belonged to a retired Army colonel who imported it in the 1960s and amnesty registered it in 1968. What really interested Bigando about the gun was the fact that it was advertised as being able to fire. If that was true, it would very likely be the only fully functional British 2-pounder in the United States.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to see when Bob’s having his next backyard barbecue and see if we can’t get invited to it.


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