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The Brady Campaign, initiated by James Brady who was shot in the head during the attempted assassination of then President Ronald Reagan. Since then, the organization has pushed for stronger and stricter gun control laws, many of which are not only unconstitutional but would also place many Americans in danger of being victims of crime. The anti-gun organization is now warning Democrats that the combination of the NRA and pro-gun Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, make a deadly pair against gun control.

In a February 9 email obtained by Breitbart News, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence warns supporters that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the NRA form a deadly combination against gun control.

Moreover, the email also warns that ATF Associate Deputy Director Ronald Turk’s much publicized criticism of the ongoing National Firearms Act regulation of silencers, import bans on “assault weapons,” and importation delays on M1 Garands only add to the uphill climb gun control faces during the Trump administration.

The email warns that Barack Obama’s attempt to disqualify thousands, if not millions, of Social Security beneficiaries from exercising Second Amendment rights is clearly in jeopardy. Of course, they do not frame it as if Obama were denying rights. Rather, they frame it as if he were keeping the mentally ill from possessing guns.

The email says:

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