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The good people of Broward County, Florida have been failed, time and again by the Sheriff’s Department, and it is time that they took action.

Back in February, when young Nikolas Cruz returned to his former high school to murder 16 classmates and a teacher, he had already been identified as a possible mass shooter by an acquaintance, who called the FBI with a tip.  The Bureau never followed up.

Other reports soon began to leak surrounding Cruz’s behavior, and his need for mental health care.  As it turns out, Broward County was working hand in hand with the school district where the shooting took place in order to cook the books on student arrest records.  These phony numbers allowed the district to rake in state and local grant money.

Now, nearly 6 months later, Nikolas Cruz is back in the news again after an accidentally un-redacted report has leaked to the press demonstrating that Broward County schools knew of Cruz’s impairments and chose to do nothing.

In the year leading up to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killer Nikolas Cruz was stripped of the therapeutic services disabled students need, leaving him to navigate his schooling as a regular student despite mounds of evidence that he wasn’t.
When he asked to return to a special education campus, school officials fumbled his request.
Those conclusions were revealed Friday in a consultant’s report commissioned by the Broward public school system. Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer ordered that the report be released publicly, but with nearly two-thirds of the content blacked out.
The school district said the alterations were needed to comply with the shooter’s privacy rights, but the method the district used to conceal the text failed. The blacked-out text became visible when pasted into another computer file.
What emerged was the first detailed account of Cruz’s years in the school system, what the school district knew about him and what mistakes were made.
Cruz would go on to commit one of the worst mass shootings in American history.
We may never truly know what pushed Cruz over the edge and into the madness of such monstrosities, but we do know one thing for certain:  There was ample time and evidence to prevent this tragedy, and the schools and sheriffs of Broward County, along with the FBI, are to blame for botching that opportunity.


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