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Stephen Paddock used bump-fire stocks to convert 11 semi-automatic rifles to fully automatic, when he massacred hundreds of people in Las Vegas. The call went out nationwide to legally ban bump-fire stocks, so no other wacko could do the same thing.

The New Jersey General Assembly has a Democratic majority of 54 seats to only 26 held by Republicans. Likewise, the state Senate is led by Democrats with a 25-seat majority to 15 seats held by Republicans. Both houses passed a bill to ban the sale or possession of bump-fire stocks.

One would think a Republican governor would veto any gun control bill, but not Gov. Chris Christie, who signed the bill into law.

( – It’s now illegal in New Jersey to sell or posses a “bump stock,” the controversial firearm accessory allegedly used by the gunman in last year’s Las Vegas massacre.

Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican set to leave office Tuesday, signed a Democratic-sponsored bill Monday outlawing the devices, which can be affixed to semiautomatic riffles to allow them to fire bullets, mimicking automatic weapons.

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Christie — who took action on more than 150 bills on his final full day in office — made no statement on the legislation (S3477/A5200), which takes effect immediately.

Anyone who owns a bump stock or “trigger crank” now has 90 days — until April 15 — to surrender the accessories to law enforcement authorities. Retailers who sell them have 30 days…

One has to realize that for a number of years, Chris Christie is really a Democrat by his actions, although he claims to be a Republicans. Kind of like Barack Obama claiming to be a Christian when really he’s a Muslim by his actions. Christie has to be the most liberal Republican governor in all of America, as he cares nothing about the gun rights of New Jersey citizens.




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