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School Board members in Gustine, California have begun to debate the idea of allowing faculty to carry concealed weapons on campuses during school hours. 

School board members voiced mixed opinions recently in a debate on whether staff members who hold valid permits to carry concealed weapons could be given permission to do so on campus.

No clear consensus emerged from discussion at the Jan. 11 board meeting, which led to the matter being tabled for consideration at a future date.

Superintendent Bill Morones raised the issue, noting that prior adoption of board policy regarding firearms on campus did not specify whether – or not – the superintendent would be authorized to grant written permission allowing an individual 21 or older with a valid permit (known as a CCW) to bring a firearm onto campus.

State law leaves that decision to the discretion of individual school districts. Morones indicated that, to date, three California districts have approved policies authorizing staff members to carry concealed weapons with the appropriate permission.

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