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Liberal anti-gun Democrats in California have been busy passing a number of strict gun control laws in their effort to make it harder for law abiding citizens to own a gun with which to protect themselves with. They continue to understand that strict gun control laws do NOT affect criminals, who always find a way to illegally obtain a gun if they want one. The laws only affect law abiding citizens and in most areas with strict gun control laws, the law-abiding citizens are being readily targeted by criminals with guns who know they will rarely face armed resistance. California’s Democrats are discovering that it was a lot easier to pass these anti-gun bills than it is to enforce them.

Since the passage of “Gunpocalypse” (June 30, 2016), and Proposition 63 (November 8, 2016), California Democrats have learned that gun control is easy to pass but difficult to implement.

The problem for Democrats is that they have already passed so many gun laws that they have now begun trading the real for the theoretical, struggling to find a way to stop the crimes and terrorist attacks that none of their existing gun controls have stopped. In fact, Democrats are fighting for gun control with such fervor that one of their current undertakings is reworking a previous law in order to bar law-abiding teachers from carrying guns for self-defense.

It was in this spirit of gun control upon gun control that the Democrats passed Gunpocaplyse and Prop. 63…

Democrats in California and throughout the United States care nothing about the safety of the majority of the American people. They care nothing about the constitutional rights of the American people. All they care about is their agenda to disarm the American people and further destroy everything that made America the once great and powerful nation it used to be.



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