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Which scenario do you believe is safer for your kids – a gun free school or a school where faculty and staff carry concealed guns?

Gun control advocates like Barack Obama and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg loudly advocate that all schools, and public places, should be gun free zones. They generally point to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School as a good example for their position. They preach that guns are dangerous and guns kill. They are adamantly against allowing teachers and faculty to receive proper training and licensing to carry concealed weapons on school campuses.

Second Amendment advocates also point to the Sandy Hook shooting as an argument for the training and arming of teachers and faculty. They point to the fact that by the time local law enforcement arrived on the scene, most of the young students and adults had already been shot and killed. In most instances of mass shootings, most of the killing and wounding is over by the time law enforcement are able to respond to the scene.

This group argues that if faculty and teachers had been properly trained and armed that they could have saved many of the young lives at Sandy Hook and other locations of mass shootings. They also point to the fact that most wackos that commit the mass shootings generally target gun free locations. Sandy Hook was a gun free school. The theater in Aurora, Colorado was a gun free zone. The Pulse nightclub in Florida was a gun free zone, and the list goes on and on.

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