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California has been known as the land of liberals, nuts, fruits, flakes and more. Examples are Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, as well as the flaming liberals congregated in the San Francisco area. Run by anti-American liberals, the Golden State has passed some of the nation’s strictest gun control laws in the nation. Those laws are being legally challenged by the state’s NRA affiliated association.

While many states have become more gun-friendly in recent years – passing laws that allow for open and concealed carry – California has not. In fact, the state has passed a series of laws that have basically made the Golden State the capital of gun control.

Now the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association is firing back.

The California Rifle and Pistol Association on Monday filed a lawsuit aimed at overturning a sweeping set of bills signed into law last year by California Gov. Jerry Brown. The group has planned to challenge different aspects of the California law, which passed following the mass shootings in San Bernardino, which killed 14 people, and in Orlando, which killed 49.

Chances are, the lawsuit will be denied by the liberal courts in California, especially knowing that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which has jurisdiction over California is by far the most liberal and agenda run court in the nation. Hopefully, the lawsuit will end up before the US Supreme Court, knowing that Justice Gorsuch has been very supportive of the Second Amendment rights of citizens.



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