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Between the state of Illinois, Cook County and the city of Chicago, residents of the Windy City have numerous strict anti-gun laws. However, gun violence in Chicago has been escalating over the past couple of years, proving that gun control laws do not reduce gun violence. The violence is the product of a Godless society, but liberal Democrats like Mayor Rahm Emanuel refuse to grasp this truth as they blame inanimate guns instead of the people for the increase in violence.

On Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel met with representatives of the UCAN organization to make the case for further gun controls to combat the city’s violent crime. Chicago’s WLS reported that Emanuel used the opportunity to demand enactment of “strong and sensible” legislation targeting firearms dealers while lambasting federal gun laws as weak. However, a sentence handed down in a recent straw purchasing case bolsters the argument that the city’s violent crime problem is a result of weak and inconsistent enforcement of existing law rather than a need for more gun control.

Back in September, the Chicago Police Department issued a press release announcing the arrest of 22-year-old Mount Prospect, Ill resident Simone Mousheh on four felony charges for selling two firearms to a gang-affiliated man in Chicago. Mousheh held a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID), which is required to possess firearms in Illinois, and used it to purchase at least four firearms over a six-month period. The report noted that after lawfully acquiring two of the firearms, Mousheh sold them to the Chicago man despite being “aware that he did not possess an FOID card and that he was on probation for domestic battery.” According to the report, “Mousheh had also made a $1000.00 cash deposit” on an additional firearm. Further, Police noted that Mousheh “is not an uncommon example of a female with a valid FOID that illegally sells guns for profit.”

Historically, banning all gun ownership from everyone does not eliminate gun violence, it only makes law abiding citizens more vulnerable to criminals. People who are intent on committing a crime for whatever reason, will find a way to obtain a gun or will turn to some other weapon – knife, machete, baseball bat, hammer, bomb, vehicle, etc. to use in their evil act.


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