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The new war on American gun owners has been relentless over the course of the last few weeks, with the NRA taking a massive hit in public perception.

The National Rifle Association is as powerful a lobbying group as exists.  Their sole purpose is the preservation of Americans’ right to bear arms, and the opposition to any attempts by would-be tyrants to take that away.

Because, let’s face it, anyone who is looking to disarm Americans is doing so for a reason.

Now that the left has made it trendy to hate guns, with their well-coached Parkland survivors and the media who adore them, the NRA has been in the crosshairs of the liberal Twitter warriors whose “social justice” obsession has forced them into creating several false realities.  (Just ask them about their seventy-plus pronouns).

In order to stay “edgy”, these liberal lunatics are making some awfully bold claims, such as the NRA being a “terrorist organization”.

This sentiment comes to us, of course, from a former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer and his new Political Action Committee.

“The Pensacola News Journal reports that Mad Dog PAC is behind the billboard and that one of Bill Clinton’s former White House staffers,  Claude Taylor, ‘registered’ that PAC in December 2017.


“During a Friday interview, Taylor suggested gun control billboards will continue to pop up between now and the 2018 midterm elections. One of the PAC’s hopes is to depict the NRA as an entity preventing ‘commonsense gun reform’ like ‘background checks and assault weapons bans.’”

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Speaking of “common sense”, has anyone ever explained to Taylor that the entire reason for the Second Amendment is to be able to compete with military weaponry in the face of governmental tyranny?

Unfortunately, this sort of “over the top”, shock-and-awe language has become all too familiar in the case of the liberal left, who have radicalized beyond recognition in the age of President Trump.


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