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Generally, most people automatically associate the 2nd Amendment with the right to own and bear a firearm. According to the New Jersey Supreme Court, the 2nd Amendment also gives a person the legal right to own a machete. Furthermore, the court ruled that a person has a legal right under the 2nd Amendment to answer the door with a machete in their hand, when done so for purposes of self-defense.

Yes, says the New Jersey (!) Supreme Court in yesterday’s unanimous State v. Montalvo opinion; here are the facts, from the court’s syllabus:

This appeal concerns whether an individual may lawfully possess and hold a weapon for self-defense in his home while answering the front door.

Defendant Crisoforo Montalvo and his wife lived directly above Arturs Daleckis and his wife. On the night of March 24, 2012, Daleckis grew agitated by noise emanating from Montalvo’s unit; he stood on his bed and knocked on the ceiling three or four times. Montalvo then proceeded downstairs and knocked on Daleckis’s door. Montalvo picked up a small table belonging to Daleckis and threw it off the front porch, breaking it…

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In the 2nd Amendment, it uses the terms ‘arms’ which, according to the NJ Supreme Court can refer to anything that can be used for self-defense. One has to wonder if this means using a baseball bat, club, or any other non-firearm objects, for self-defense are protected under the 2nd Amendment. However, in the case of Montalvo, he was the aggressor and responsible for the incident escalating to the point it did.




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