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Craigslist is a good idea in theory, but a bad idea when it comes to safety. I rarely check out the site because I am not interested in dying. However, on the rare occasion that I do, I do not go to meet a seller or buyer without my gun.

Another man in Texas had the same mindset.

In a Craigslist deal gone bad, a concealed carrier found himself face to face with two armed thugs who attempted to rob him. However, thanks to the law abiding, 2nd amendment practicing citizen, the criminals have been apprehended.

As The Woodlands Patch reports:

Harris County Precinct 4 Deputy Constables were called to the 23900 block of Creek Ridge Drive in after residents in the area reported hearing gunshots. When deputies arrived, they found a black man, identified as Derek Cooper with two gunshot wounds to his abdomen.

Investigators learned that the person who shot Cooper was trying to sell him a cellphone he’d advertised on Craigslist. The victim met with Cooper and a juvenile at that location for the exchange of the phone for money, when suddenly the juvenile pointed a handgun at the complainant and demanded all his money.

The victim handed over the phone and money, and then the juvenile and Cooper demanded all he had in his vehicle. The man told investigators he went to his car, grabbed his own handgun and fired two rounds, hitting Cooper twice.

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The juvenile was charged with robbery and sent to a detention center. Cooper was charged with robbery, but had to make a stop at the hospital before heading to jail.



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