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In the brainwashed town of Woodbridge, CT they have banned guns from public properties that are owned by the town.

That includes places like the Town Hall, library, hiking trails, etc. Any property that is owned by Woodbridge is off limits for firearms. The supporters of the bill believe it will make the town safer. However, as a gun-toting Americans, we know that it is only a “feel good” law that makes the town less safe, not the other way around.

Woodbridge isn’t the only town to implement this law either. There are similar bans in at least five other Connecticut towns.

New Haven Register reports:

The new law in Woodridge bans firearms, air guns, air rifles, crossbows, longbows, archery equipment or other weapons from town-owned buildings and property.

Resident and educator Jean Molot, who worked on the measure along with First Selectwoman Ellen Scalettar, said the law, “sends a message that we care about the safety of people in this town.”

Scalletar added, “I think that gun violence is a major problem for our society and our country … This helps make Woodbridge a safer place.”

But second amendment enthusiasts claim the new law in Woodbridge — and others like it — actually create more of a danger to the public.

Scott Wilson, president of the nearly 28,000-member Connecticut Citizens Defense League, said the local laws are “feel good” measures to create a “false utopia,” and actually do the opposite of what’s intended by leaving law-biding citizens unarmed in public places where they might need to protect themselves.

“This is a bad deal for the citizens of Woodbridge,” Wilson said “It only emboldens an individual to commit an atrocity.”

There is no centralized database for local ordinances related to firearms.

But Attorney Dennis H. Tracey, partner in the New York firm Hogan Lovells, who drafted the law for Woodbridge at no charge, said it’s not that unusual for municipalities to have general rules prohibiting carrying firearms on town property, “although the wording of each is different.”

He said municipalities that have similar bans include North Branford, East Haven, Naugatuck, Meriden and Ansonia. Tracey, a selectman in Weston, said he drafted an ordinance similar to the Woodbridge one for his town.


Firearms are already banned in schools everywhere in Connecticut, per state law.

So if you are thinking to moving to Connecticut, then you know where you do not want to live! I will never reside in an area that denies me of my 2nd amendment rights. Neither should you.

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