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Democrats have been clamoring for universal background checks for every gun owner gun buyer and every change in possession of a gun. If a grandfather wants to give his grandson one of his guns to use for hunting, Democrats want both the grandad and grandson to undergo a background check.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is stressing background checks once again. After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Murphy claims that the nation would be much safer if everyone involved with a gun undergoes a background check.

Oh really?

Didn’t Steven Paddock get a background check for every gun he purchased legally? Does he also realize that a number of other mass murderers passed background checks when they bought their guns before going on their bloody rampages?

During an October 8 appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) stressed that requiring a background check for every gun sale—retail and private—is the “North Star” for Democrats regarding gun control.

In other words, the Democrats’ ultimate goal is to pass a law that will require every gun purchaser to pass the same background the Las Vegas attacker passed to acquire his firearms.

The segment began with host Jake Tapper asking Murphy if he was willing to “accept a clean bump stocks bill” in the wake of the Vegas attack or whether he “would insist on a broader gun control package.”

Believing that background checks will stop mass shootings and other forms of gun violence is as naïve as thinking that passing a driver’s license test will prevent everyone from having an auto accident. There is only ONE reason for background checks and it’s not about reducing gun violence. Background checks are nothing more than a form of gun registration so the government will know who owns how many and what guns, which is a very dangerous thing for the government to know.



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