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Democrats must really hate the poor-working class voter.

It seems that most of their policy ideas are designed to hurt the very people the Democrat Party is always pretending to support. The latest research shows that Democrat policies don’t do much to stop crime, but they do make sure that guns are kept out of the hands of law abiding, lower income Americans.

From the Chicago Tribune:

A new report from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that the average fee for a concealed handgun permit is $67, but it is much higher in the most Democratic states. Each 10-percentage-point increase in a state’s presidential vote for Hillary Clinton was associated with an additional $30 in the concealed handgun permit fee. In California, where Clinton won by about 30 points, fees can be as high as $385 for just two years. In New York City, where she won by 60 points, a three-year permit costs $430.

In addition to prohibitive fees, some blue states — California, Illinois — require four times as many training hours as the national average, adding hundreds of dollars to the cost of obtaining a concealed-carry license. In California counties, the mandated cost of training can run from $250 to more than $1,000. Compare heavily Democratic Illinois, where the cost of permit and training runs over $450, with neighboring Republican Indiana where the total cost for everything is $50.

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Things get even more onerous in some Democrat led states and cities where you must “prove a need” for your gun permit before you’re able to get it. In California, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island, as well as the District of Columbia,  you actually have to prove your need to a government official before you can get your permit.

This type of permitting process leads to only the rich, famous, powerful, and connected in society having the ability to defend themselves.

If Los Angeles county looked like the rest of the nation some 600K people would have a permit for a gun, but only 226 permits have actually been issued. Most of these permits have gone to politically connected people – like judges. In New York City, Donald Trump, Howard Stern, and Robert De Niro have all been able to acquire a permit, but John Stossel was unable to… even though he has provided the city with copious evidence that his life may be in danger.

It seems that Democrats believe only important, wealthy, and politically connected people should have the right to defend themselves.

In state after state they continue to fight to make the permitting process more expensive and more difficult to navigate. In cities and states where the Supreme Court has struck down draconian gun laws as unconstitutional, Democrats immediately respond by making the permitting process more expensive.

Leftwing gun grabbers have discovered the easiest way to ‘get around’ the pesky 2nd Amendment in their ever-expanding effort to disarm law abiding Americans, all they have to do is make the process more expensive.


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