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Why is it that Democrats are against every effort to require a legal photo ID for voting yet they are all for requiring a legal photo ID and other requirements in order to own a firearm for self-defense? They claim that requiring a photo ID for voting is a form of discrimination against many poorer people and minorities. Their argument rests on the inability for these people to obtain a legal photo ID in order to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Yet requiring the same for anyone wishing to exercise their Second Amendment right own a firearm is not a form of discrimination.

This should be one of many arguments made by conservatives and loyal patriotic Americans when addressing a new bill that has been introduced into the Pennsylvania House.

State Rep. Angel Cruz (D-Philadelphia) has introduced House Bill 610 into the state legislature. HB 610 would require:

  • A photo ID specifically for gun ownership.
  • Fingerprinting of every gun owner.
  • Separate, state-issued, $10 certificates for every gun owned by an individual.
  • Annual renewal of gun registrations.
  • All guns to be unloaded and disabled, unless in the immediate possession of the owner.

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