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The democrats of the United States will stop at nothing in order to neuter our all-important Second Amendment, and are now expanding their gun-grabbing gauntlet in order to stifle rifle owners.

For decades the left has been on the warpath when it comes to our right to bear arms.  Their ultimate goal is, without any doubt, a full repeal of the Second Amendment, and a confiscation of any guns that they don’t believe should be allowed in the country.  This sort of shortsighted hatred of guns has fueled their own completely erroneous take on the inalienable right that the Founding Fathers made certain shall not be infringed.

You see, the modern political democrat has never lived through a time of governmental tyranny at the scale and scope that inspired the Second Amendment in the first place, meaning that their modern take on the subject is automatically tainted by a lack of perspective.

Furthermore, the Second Amendment is quite literally included in the Constitution for the sole purpose of preventing the government from doing something authoritarian – like take all of our guns.

So, deep down inside, there are many in the democratic party who understand that they are doomed to fail, or cause a great amount of bloodshed – those are truly the only options here.  These “cooler” heads, however, are finding new ways to assault gun owners in America, namely through the use of incredibly damaging new taxes on ammunition.

“A group of House Democrats has introduced a bill that would up the taxes on firearms and ammunition to pay for research on ‘gun violence and its prevention.’

“The measure, H.R.5103, was introduced last week by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis of Illinois with nine co-sponsors. It aims to increase current taxes on guns and ammunition, as well as fees associated with National Firearms Act weapons.

“Under the plan, ammunition would see excise taxes increase to 50 percent and firearms to 20 percent. Currently, manufacturers pay a long-running 11 percent excise tax on sporting firearms and ammunition under the Pittman–Robertson Act, which goes to fund conservation efforts such as hunter education programs, public shooting ranges and preserving wildlife habitat. The jump in fees under Davis’ plan would be set aside for public safety grants and research.”

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If you can’t beat them, tax them to death.

Now, on the subject of why we have the Second Amendment, even the most lackadaisical high school student can explain the taxation aspects of the American Revolutionary War that spawned the Constitution itself.  What makes the left think that what they are doing is any different than the exploitation of the Tea Tax in Colonial America?


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