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When it comes to television celebrities, it isn’t common that someone with a common sense approach to firearms becomes a household name.  Then again, there’s nothing common about Mike Rowe.

Rowe, who helmed the enormously popular Dirty Jobs television program in Discovery Channel, has long been unafraid of the liberal bias that exists within the mainstream media, often putting himself at odds with many of his celebrity peers.  You see, Rowe understands the necessity of the American working class in a way that the left never will, and his appreciation for conservative values has been on full display.

Rowe recently reiterated one aspect of his traditional values in an interview regarding the lost appreciation of firearms in America.

“TV host Mike Rowe likes to illustrate how attitudes have changed over the years by recalling the time he and a classmate brought a gun to his high school in Baltimore — not just any gun, but a sniper rifle.

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“’We walked in the school, had the gun over my shoulder, walking down a crowded hall and the principal saw me and said, “Hey, what do you have there?” And I handed it to him and said, “It’s a Mauser. Check it out. It’s an old German sniper rifle,”‘ Mr. Rowe said.”

“The principal was impressed with the firearm and their plans to tinker with it in metal shop, he said.”

“’He said, “Bring it by the office when you’re done. I’d love to look at it when you’re finished,”‘ Mr. Rowe recalled. ‘That’s 1979 or 1980. Where I grew up, we saw the guns in the back of the truck. They were there in the gun racks in the high school parking lot.’”
That was far from the last opinion Rowe would give on the Second Amendment during his interview with the Washington Times.

“Gun control is a personal issue for Mr. Rowe. He made headlines in 2016 after taking to social media to explain how he awoke one morning to the sound of a drone hovering outside his bedroom window in San Francisco. While still in the buff, he grabbed his shotgun and went onto his porch with the thought of blasting the high-tech interloper.

“But he hesitated and considered the big picture: He could be arrested for discharging a gun within the city, and the drone could be recording him for all the world to see as he stood there naked while pointing his shotgun. He lowered his gun, went back inside and eventually wrote about his dilemma on Facebook. The post went viral.

“’In the wake of that, I got a thousand questions about gun control,’ Mr. Rowe said. ‘I’m absolutely in favor of sensible restrictions, but I don’t understand how the restrictions that we currently have are being implemented in a way that’s effective. I don’t understand how the restrictions we have would have stopped any of the recent tragedies in the headlines. It was really just a comment that said, “It probably feels good to pass laws in the wake of a tragedy, but it’s worth looking around and saying, “What are we giving up as a result?”‘

“’Even though I didn’t pull the trigger and shoot the drone out of the sky, and even though I would have felt a lot more comfortable with clothes on, it was a great feeling to have the Mossberg 500 in my hands and looking up at a kind of intruder. And I’m not comfortable giving that away,’ he said”

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In the wake of Hollywood’s bizarre hatred of the Second Amendment, it is certainly a fine feeling to hear folks like Mike Rowe doling out common sense to the mainstream media.


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