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In the days after the shooting in Las Vegas, several polling companies have taken polls and found that many Americans favor more gun laws.

A Quinnipiac poll found that 60% of Americans favor stricter laws on guns, which seemed to be supported in an NPR/Ipsos poll that found that 80% of Americans favored ridiculously draconian new gun laws. (Like federal tracking of gun sales, and banning of “assault weapons.”)

However, these polls come just ONE MONTH after a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that found one of the greatest fears of American voters was that the government would overreach on gun control.

A poll released on Thursday found Americans rate gun policy as a top issue in elections and fear the potential for the government to overreach with new gun-control measures.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey of 1,200 adults conducted between August 5 and 9 found 35 percent of respondents listed gun rights or gun control as the top issue they considered important enough to have an impact on their voting. That’s more than environmental issues at 30 percent, immigration at 28 percent, or abortion at 17 percent. Respondents picked gun policy as important to their vote more often than any other issue surveyed, though issues like foreign policy, the economy, and national defense were purposefully left out of the question.

The poll also found respondents were more worried about the government going too far in restricting the rights of citizens to own guns than the government not doing enough to regulate access to firearms. Fifty percent were more concerned about government overreach while 45 percent were more concerned with the government not doing enough.

So who do you believe?

How about we dig a bit deeper in the new polls, because there is some really interesting information buried further in the results. Sadly, it seems that the mainstream media didn’t really want to cover these other aspects of their polling data.

The Ipsos poll for example found that 73% of Americans have “No Problem” with their neighbors owning a firearm. Further it found that more than half of Americans see gun ownership as a “good thing.” Further, Ipsos says, “Americans are relatively split on whether owning a gun makes them feel safer — 52 percent agree — and whether the benefits of gun ownership outweigh the risks, 53 percent agree.”

That seems to conflict with the data from the same poll that says 80% of Americans want “assault weapons” banned. It’s almost as if these people don’t realize that “assault weapons” are functionally, exactly the same as hunting rifles. The only difference between your grandfather’s hunting rifle and my “assault rifle” is that my rifle “looks cooler.” Seriously, that’s it.

This is the biggest reason that these gun polls are so enigmatic. The general, non-gun owning public, has NO IDEA about these issues. The only thing they know is what they’ve been told in the media and the media is almost always misinformed.

The Ipsos poll reinforced this truth:

The survey, done for NPR, found that the general public is somewhat ignorant about guns in America.

“Only 15 percent are able to answer seven or more knowledge questions correctly, out of a total of 10. Americans’ misperceptions lie in the estimated number of guns per capita (21 percent correct), the decline in gun deaths (20 percent correct), and whether or not the U.S. regularly conducts research on gun deaths (29 percent correct),” said the poll.

Don’t buy the polls, when it comes to guns most Americans (Democrats included) get mighty wary when the government tries to crack down on our 2nd Amendment. Today, more than half of American households have a gun, and more than 100 million Americans share ownership in more than 300 million firearms. Contrary to what the Democrats and the media would have you believe, the NRA is not the reason that new guns laws don’t pass… the American voter is.

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