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As a parent, how many times have you told your kid(s) to calm down and think about something BEFORE they react or do something they’ll regret? I was told that when I was young. I told both of my daughters the same thing when they were young. As an employer, I’ve many an employee to do the same thing and now, I’m pleading with everyone to do the same thing concerning the Las Vegas shooting and call for more gun control.

Far too many people, mostly liberals, were reacting before they knew any details about the shooting or the shooter. It’s called a knee jerk reaction because there is NO thought going into the reaction.

It’s been over a week since a madman launched a deadly attack in Las Vegas that killed and wounded hundreds of people.

An Idaho man, who was at the concert, was shot in the knee and is awaiting surgery.

The pictures and videos that have emerged from that night are difficult to watch and even more difficult to understand –- and compounded by the fact that we may never know the motive behind this attack.

Here’s what we know is true: every time a shooting like this happens, the radical gun control crowd from Boise to D.C. uses the blood of the innocent victims to try to guilt gun owners into submission…

Remember when Nancy Pelosi was asked if allowing gun control on bump-fire stocks would be a slippery slope for gun control, she responded by saying she hoped so. Anti-gun and anti-American Democrats will use this first piece of gun control to open the door to even more gun control and before you know, it, gun rights will have already slid down the slippery slope and the Second Amendment will basically be repealed.

The solution is for gun owners NOT to give an inch, because if you do, they’ll take far more than a mile.




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