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Left-wing liberals, progressives and socialists want nothing more than to find a way to disarm the American people. They believe that blaming the rampant violence in the nation on guns is the best way to accomplish their goal. More gun-control laws are their solution. Stricter and more restrictive gun-control is their means to make it harder for the American people to buy and own guns.

The recent mass murders on London Bridge ended eight minutes after they began, when armed English police officers arrived and shot the killers. Other police officers, who had batons but not firearms, happened to be near the scene when the attack began. Some of them fled, according to an eyewitness account published in The Guardian. Another officer bravely used his baton against the multiple men with knives, incurring severe injury. Some people threw chairs at the assailants. One man heroically fought the terrorists with his bare hands, despite being stabbed repeatedly.

For defense against a murderous attack, batons and chairs are better than nothing, but not nearly as effective as a firearm. The fact of the matter is that more firearms in the right hands mean fewer deaths from mass attacks.

In the United States as in the United Kingdom, the casualty count often depends on the time it takes for the first armed defender to arrive. At London Bridge, that was eight minutes. In December 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, armed police entered the school in less than six minutes, by which time 26 students and teachers were dead…

Gun-control advocates intentionally ignore the overwhelming mountain of evidence and data that proves that more gun control only leads to increased violence and crimes. The more people that have guns, the less crime and less violence there is. Therefore, based on the evidence, the solution to reducing gun violence in America is to arm more people. Once more criminals are shot while committing their crimes, they’ll begin to think twice about committing more crimes. Less guns mean more crime and more guns mean less crime.

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