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A fatal shooting in Rogue River, Oregon on April 23 has been ruled as self defense. Therefore there will be no criminal charges filed.

A single shot killed David Anthony Vaughn when he broke into Christopher Hasse’s home. Haase shot in self defense amid threats of assault from the intruder and therefore the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office has ruled that it was justified under Oregon law.

Oregon law states that deadly force may be used against another person if they enter your home or are trying to enter, with the intent to used unlawful force.

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The Jackson County D.A. released the following:

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office announced this morning that after a thorough review of the evidence collected by the Jackson County Major Assault and Death Investigation Unit (MADIU), consisting of detectives from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police, that no criminal charges will be filed concerning the death of David Anthony Vaughn (DOB 07/05/76). It was determined that the shooter, Christopher Haase (DOB 03/07/92), was acting in self-defense, when he fired once in response to David Vaughn’s entry into Haase’s residence and David Vaughn’s threat to assault him.

The shooting occurred on April 23, 2017, at approximately 1:18 a.m. Haase lived in a mobile home located at 9882 W. Evans Creek Rd., Rogue River. There was another mobile home located at the same address. The other mobile home was occupied by Gene Depuy, Timothy Vaughn and other persons. The night of the shooting there was a small gathering at the mobile home occupied by Depuy. Haase and a friend, Josef Flynn, were at Haase’s residence watching a movie. Flynn decided to join the gathering at the other residence and walked over there. Haase remained in his residence watching the movie.

Flynn and Timothy Vaughn had a prior disagreement. Flynn and Timothy Vaughn began to fight verbally, then physically. They were separated by others present in the residence. Timothy Vaughn said he was going to call his son, David Vaughn, to deal with Flynn. This was understood to mean that Timothy Vaughn would have David Vaughn assault Flynn. Flynn returned to Haase’s residence and informed Haase of what had happened and that David Vaughn was coming over. Haase did not know David Vaughn well, though the two had met. Haase was aware of David Vaughn’s reputation for physically solving his father’s problems. Haase retrieved his gun out at this point and moved it into the living room.

David Vaughn arrived at the property approximately 30 minutes later. Timothy Vaughn told David that the conflict was over and not to engage with Flynn. He additionally warned that Haase had a rifle. Haase and Flynn had come out on the porch of their residence. Flynn and David Vaughn began to exchange verbal insults. David Vaughn approached Haase’s residence. Haase repeatedly told David not to come near or enter his residence. Haase and Flynn retreated into the residence. David came up on the porch as Flynn backed through the front door. The front door was not capable of latching properly. David assaulted Flynn, knocking him back into the residence. David entered the residence and continued to assault Flynn and knocked him out. Haase was standing in the corner of the living room with the rifle approximately ten feet away. David stepped over Flynn and indicated that he was going to assault Haase. Haase fired one shot from his rifle from the hip. The bullet struck David in the right shoulder, traveled through his lung and aorta and into the other lung, causing David Vaughn’s death.

Timothy Vaughn and others at the other residence heard the shot. Timothy came over to Haase’s residence with a shotgun and a brief standoff ensued. Both parties lowered their weapons and Timothy left. Haase then removed the magazine from the rifle and ejected the round from the chamber. Haase called 911. Depuy took the rifle from Haase and placed it in one of the vehicles on the property.

Detectives searched the residence where the shooting occurred and found the spent shell casing, unspent round and magazine where Haase said they would be.

Oregon Law provides that a person may use deadly physical force against another person if the person reasonably believes that person is committing or attempting to commit a burglary in a dwelling and that the person is using or about to use unlawful physical force. (ORS 161.209-161.219). Burglary is when person enters or remains unlawfully in a building with the intent to commit a crime. (ORS 164.205-164.225) Based on the witnesses’ statements and physical evidence collected at the scene, Mr. Haase was justified under Oregon Law in using deadly physical force against Mr. Vaughn.

This law abiding citizen was treated right by the justice system.


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