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It may be unbearably cold in the granite state this week, but the fight over New Hampshire’s public school gun laws is just heating up.

One of the hardest thing a parent will ever have to do is send their child to school the day after a mass shooting has dominated the headlines.  Imagining a child or any loved one being trapped within a panicking school, hearing the shots ring out from yards away, shifting into fight or flight mode, and otherwise attempting to scramble to safety are images that will haunt parents, siblings, and neighbors alike.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?  What if our nation’s public schools took a good, hard look at the introduction of firearms to campus in a responsible way?  This would eliminate the “sitting duck” aspect of gun free school zones, and deter would be mass murderers from simply walking in and opening fire.

New Hampshire has been experimenting with this concept for a while now, and a new 2018 bill would further bolster the state’s stance on keeping their kiddos safe.

“The state of New Hampshire has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country, and while state laws allow guns to be brought on school property, many districts feel differently.

“Districts that oppose the state’s gun laws have decided to prohibit weapons from being brought onto school grounds.

“Some, however, are saying the districts with self-imposed gun bans are breaking the law, and a proposed bill would impose a fine of up to $5,000 to any municipality that violates the law.”

Of course, New Hampshire citizens are split on the subject, with democratic lawmakers predictably opposing the safety measure because, well, guns.

This carte blanche refusal to see any positives in the world of firearms has long been a staple of the left, who have undoubtedly set our nation back several decades when it comes to gun rights.  Now, this automatic liberalism could be endangering the children of New Hampshire specifically.

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