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Thanks to the overly weighted power given to the social justice junket in our modern society, the left has been able to steer our nation’s narrative far too easily.

You see, these bastions of backwards ideology have long preyed on the emotional response of their bleeding heart constituents in order to create political progression.  The latest victim of their warped thinking has been the Second Amendment, which the left hopes to fully repeal after a violent incident in Parkland, Florida back on Valentine’s Day.

In that wake of that tragedy, the left raged against the idea that guns of any sort were necessary, allowable, and popular.  They pushed an agenda so far removed form the concepts of the Constitution that conservatives were simply taken aback and left speechless.  Corporations left and right began discriminating against gun owners as a response, turning supporters of the Second Amendment into second class citizens.

Now, one website is pushing back against these would-be segregationists, launching a pro-2A dating site called is a dating website geared towards “gun-loving, NRA-supporting Americans.” With its aim to connect individuals with a shared passion for guns, CEO of Laura Clark said the site is a safe place for gun owners to meet and talk.

“Pro-gun Americans are passionate about the Second Amendment, and what it means to this country. Being with someone who shares those beliefs is crucial for a relationship’s success, which is why we’ve launched a place for pro-gun, pro-NRA Americans to meet, chat and see where it takes them, ” Clark said in a news release.

The idea came after Clark said she was ridiculed on other dating sites for posing alongside her AR-15 in a profile picture. It was at this moment, she realized pro-gunners should have their own space to connect

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And while the idea of creating such an amenity for Constitutional conservatives sounds all well and good on the outside, there is concern over the fact that this had to happen in the first place.

At what point did the left become the sole decider of what is and isn’t appropriate in America, and since when has the court of public opinion held more weight than the opinion of the Founding Fathers?

These are trying times for America, and for the Second Amendment, and we must never lose sight of the fact that the Constitution trumps all who dare to speak against it.


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