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Many reports have surfaced over the past few years of how firearm sales have skyrocketed due to Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda. A new report reveals just how much firearm sales increased in Virginia over the past 8 years.

Total firearm sales in Virginia during President Barack Obama’s presidency nearly doubled over President George Bush’s years in office, and surpassed a record half-million transactions in 2016 alone, new state data shows.

Estimated firearm sales based on mandatory criminal background checks on Virginia gun buyers totaled 3,153,220 during Obama’s eight years in office ending in 2016, compared with 1,712,607 transactions during the Bush years of 2001-2008, according to an analysis of Virginia Firearm Transaction Center data.

In what a state firearms center official described as a major milestone, the number of transactions reached 505,722 during Obama’s last full year in office in 2016—a 14 percent jump over 2015 and the first time state gun sales topped a half million.

“To double your yearly output in 16 years” is extraordinary, said Mike Matthews, senior supervisor in the Virginia Firearms Transaction Center.


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