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Once again, the gun control mantra is being nauseatingly repeated over and over. They want more restrictive laws. They want to ban bump-fire stocks. They want to ban all sorts of guns and make it much harder for law-abiding citizens to obtain a gun for legal purposes such as hunting and self-defense.

One thing that all liberals seem to agree on is that guns are evil. They have some innate ability to force people to do evil things. It sounds ridiculous, but when you listen to their arguments, that’s what they all boil down to.

One firearms instructor in Illinois has produced a video that destroys the gun control arguments while proving just how wrong left-wing, anti-Second Amendment liberals are.

Just as quickly as news broke last week of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, Democrats, progressives and those opposed to the Second Amendment were talking gun control.

The debate rages after any publicized gun crime, and almost always circles back to two talking points. Gun control advocates say people shouldn’t be able to have “military-grade” weapons, while Second Amendment supporters say a gun didn’t kill the victims — a person did.

One Illinois firearms instructor sought to prove this last week in a video that’s now gone viral. That instructor, Mike Brown, also a former criminal justice professor in Chicago, in just four minutes completely dismantles the theory that guns should be banned or heavily restricted because someone uses them to commit mass murder…

I’ve asked gun control fanatics of guns possess some kind of Jedi mind control and they laugh at how stupid it sounds, and then I ask them to explain why they think guns are so evil and not the people who use them. Mass shootings, suicide deaths and all forms of gun violence are a people problem, not a gun problem. Terrorists have demonstrated how they can still carry out evil in the absence of guns.




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