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For some reason leftwing gun grabbers have been able to convince Americans that having certain public locations be “gun free” zones, would somehow make those places safer.

I guess the thought process is that gun accidents are more unlikely in “gun free” zones, but the truth is that gun accidents are about as rare as lightning strikes. So instead of making the public safer, gun free zones actually do the opposite, they turn law abiding citizens into defenseless victims.

According to a study done by the Crime Prevention Center, 98% of mass shootings from the 1950’s through 2016 have taken place in… you guessed it… gun free zones.

It seems that criminals bent on violence prefer to do their evil in places where they are least likely to encounter resistance. When the killer who walked into an Aurora, Colorado movie theater and began shooting victims chose his theater he could have chosen a theater closer to his home, or the one with the most people… but neither is accurate. However, of all the nearby theaters he did choose the only one which advertised itself as a “gun free” zone and told patrons that they could not bring firearms onto the premises.

Similar stories can be found at mass shootings in malls, schools, department stores, parks, and other gun free zones across the country. These mass shooters are cowards and they prefer to ply their evil work in as much safety as they can get.

Meanwhile, we ask our public school teachers to act en loco parentis of our children every single day. We expect our school teachers to care about our children’s health and well being. We expect our teachers to be willing, as adults charged with the care of our kids, to place our children above themselves when push comes to shove. Many teachers willingly do so. How often after one of these horrible events do we hear about the “heroic” teacher who gave his/her life for her wards? Almost every school shooting has such a story.

It is monstrous of us to ask these teachers to give their lives for our children, without also giving them the means to protect themselves as they do so. We trust these teachers with the care of our children everyday, but most school districts across the country don’t trust them with firearms? That doesn’t make sense.

Which is why more and more districts are considering giving their employees the freedom to arm themselves if they so desire.

Lee County in Southwest Florida is the latest school district to take up the issue:

The district’s weapon policy will be the topic of discussion at a briefing before a board meeting Tuesday afternoon.

A proposal would allow students ages 18 years and older to keep concealed encased guns in their cars, and the superintendent could grant employees to carry weapons outside of their vehicle under special permission.

In addition, school principals could allow weapons during school events if there is no live ammunition.

If approved, the policy would be in agreement with with Florida law, which protects legal ownership of guns.

Charlotte and Collier counties prohibit bringing guns on school property under possible expulsion.

Here’s hoping that the district stands for freedom and safety and gives their teachers the ability to care for our children and themselves.

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