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Maury Strand used to belong to the National Rifle Association, but evidently has changed to the other side of the issue. As a bill has been introduced into the Minnesota House to allow permitless carry of firearms, Strand wrote an op ed piece Saying it’s a bad idea. He says he prefers to leave bad guys to law enforcement instead of allowing law abiding citizens to be armed to protect themselves and shoot the bad guys.

A “permitless carry” bill went before the state House this session, promising essentially to repeal much of Minnesota’s existing gun permit law and, as it states, to provide “for the right to carry without a permit; providing for an optional permit to carry.”

I don’t believe it would be a wise move to allow anyone who appears to be an adult to freely carry a gun out on the streets (“Permitless gun carry bill draws debate in Minnesota Legislature,” March 9).

The measure was supported by the NRA and its favored legislators. For decades I was a member of the National Rifle Association and had its conspicuous round insignia on my cars and trucks. I was even enrolled into the “National Rifle Association of America Millennium Honor Roll.” It wasn’t that I thought the NRA and its members had some ill intent when I decided to discontinue my membership; it was because of the evermore unlikeable image of the NRA to many people…

I don’t understand people who fell it’s better to rely on police to protect the people. By the time police are called and respond to an emergency, bad guys can brutally victimize a woman, homeowner and entire families. On average, it can take up 10-20 minutes for police to respond. By that time, it’s too late.



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