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Wouldn’t you expect the commissioner of the largest metropolitan police department in all of America to know what a gun suppressor is and that there is no such thing as a silencer? Evidently, former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton lied when he said that no one would have known what was happening if Stephen Paddock had been using a silencer

Two-time loser Hillary Clinton said the same thing and one can understand why she would be ignorant of the facts that there is no such thing as a gun silencer and that suppressors are still loud enough to be heard, but when Bratton says it, he has to be lying through his teeth. I can’t believe a man in his former position is ignorant about suppressors and the mythical silencers that only exist on television and in Hollywood movies.

Appearing on MSNBC on Monday, Bill Bratton, the former New York City police commissioner, claimed that if the Las Vegas shooter had used a “silencer” on his firearms, “you would not have even known this was happening.”

Right now before Congress — and I will make a prediction for you sitting here — there is a bill to allow silencers that would muffle the sound of a gunshot to be sold openly. Right now, they’re very restricted.

When host Stephanie Ruhle asked Bratton what the rationale would be for someone to own a “silencer,” the former commissioner replied:

Had Paddock been using suppressors on the types of weapons he used in the shooting, the people would have heard them loud and clear. They still would have been louder than an emergency siren, clap of thunder or jackhammer, all of which are still easily heard from 400 yards away, which proves that Clinton is ignorant and Bratton is a liar, and that both are agenda driven.



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