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The Daily Camera had an interview with Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. How’s that for a mouthful?


Watts, along with the rest of her group, say that they are not “anti-gun”, however, they do not support law-abiding citizens being able to carry nationally, for self-defense.


You would think, well at least I would think, that mothers would feel more safe with their children being in the presence of a citizen who legally carries. You know why? Because that citizen is the only thing standing between your child and a bad guy with a gun. The police cannot show up at the drop of a pin. It takes time. Time that your child may not have if you want them to survive.

Shannon Watts was expressing her group’s opposition to the national reciprocity for concealed carry legislation that Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC) plans to introduce once Donald Trump is inaugurated. That legislation will make the concealed carry license of any state valid in every state, thereby opening the door for a permit holder to have his or her gun with them for self-defense in more places.


According to the Daily Camera, Watts said her group supports “common sense” gun control and opposes national reciprocity. She made clear that they oppose the reciprocity push because some states have strict gun control which would be rendered moot by a law that affords national recognition to permits that allow you to carry a gun for self-defense.


Watts stated, “Some states are incredibly strict. There’s never been a federal agreement on what that standard should be and the NRA wants it to be the lowest common denominator.”

Watts’ statement could lead readers to believe concealed carry permit holders do not undergo background checks for their permits, but they do. Permit holders have been vetted and they are among the most law-abiding of all citizens in America. Nevertheless, Watts says national reciprocity will allow someone to “buy a gun in a lenient state and then take it into Times Square, where New York has some of the tightest laws.”


Her intimation is that national reciprocity would allow law-abiding citizens to buy a gun via a private sale and carry it into NYC, the way Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) claimscriminals are doing every day. The problem with this contention is that law-abiding citizens would not be bringing guns into NYC to sell on the black market. Rather, they would be carrying their handgun to NYC in order to protect themselves from the criminals who have armed up via guns they acquired on the black market.

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