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Republican lawmakers who found themselves on the list of James Hodgkinson, the Virginia shooter’s list, are now pushing for lawmakers and others in the D.C. area to be allowed to carry. I don’t blame them!

It is sad that it took a madman with a gun to almost kill people in order for congressmen to propose and back legislation to allow congress members to carry. However, I think it is a huge step in the right direction.

Hodgkinson attacked Republican lawmakers practicing last week in northern Virginia for a charity baseball game. Five people were hospitalized in the attack — including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La. – who remains in serious condition after being shot in the pelvis. Hodgkinson was killed by police in a shootout.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, among the nearly two-dozen lawmakers at the practice, and whose name was on the list of six GOP House members, said Sunday that he will introduce legislation this week to allow members of Congress to carry a sidearm anywhere in the county.

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Brooks stated, “When we’re in Washington, D.C., once we’re off the [Capitol Hill] complex we’re still high-profile targets,” he continued, “But we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves because of [the city’s] restrictive gun laws.”

Two fellow GOP House members also on the list said Monday through their respective offices that they would have to see the text of the bill before pledging full support.

Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith “has always been inclined to support concealed carry laws, but he has not yet had a chance to review this legislation,” spokeswoman Jessica Paska told Fox News.

Arizona Rep. Trent Franks “is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and is in favor of expanding those rights to everyone. However, the congressman would first have to see and review the language of Rep. Brooks’ bill first in order to weigh in on it,” spokeswoman Jessica Cahill said.

An FBI spokeswoman on Monday declined to discuss details about the list but said the agency is expected to release more information about it and the entire case in the coming days.

Brooks added, “Those of us who are on the assassination list, it behooves us to be a little more wary than we otherwise might be.”

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