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Liberals have been busy brainwashing gullible Americans into believing and accepting their anti-American and socialist ideology. They hide the real names of their agenda with sugar coated politically correct terms that sound so good to so many. However, under that sugar coating is pure poison to America and the American way of life.

The latest attempt to feed us sugar coated poison is by hiding anti-American and anti-Second Amendment gun control in the form of universal background checks by disguising it as ‘common sense’ gun laws.

That’s like describing hemlock as all natural, when in reality, it is a deadly poison that will kill you.

Liberals are masters of perverting the English language to hide their real agenda and motive. They turn to ‘political correctness’ to disguise what they are really trying to do, brainwash a gullible public.

For example, a few short years ago socialism was still considered a dangerous philosophy that would destroy America’s political system and way of life. Only radicals openly admitted to be socialists. If you look at many of the party policies and platforms of the Democratic Party, you will find that they are largely socialist in nature, but Democrats refuse to admit it. In order to sell destructive anti-American ways, they use the politically correct term of ‘social justice’ which is just the polite and nice sounding way to sell socialism, but it means the very same thing.

Part of the anti-American and socialist agenda of the Democrats is to make illegal aliens more acceptable and welcomed in our country. However, it’s hard to sell an idea when it’s called ‘illegal’ anything. That’s why they changed to the politically correct term of ‘undocumented immigrants’. Come on people, undocumented immigrants are ILLEGAL aliens. They violated federal US immigration laws by coming here the way they did…

Don’t be taken in by politically correct sugar-coated poison is fed to us by liberals who are determined to destroy the America that we loved and cherished. Anything liberals try to feed you, always take time to scratch the surface to see what’s really under what they trying to peddle and get you to swallow.




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