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Around the turn of the 20th century, progressives laid out a plan to take over America. They knew they had several major obstacles that needed to be overcome and that it would take a slow gradual process about 100 years to accomplish the goal. One of the obstacles was Christianity. America was founded on Christian biblical principles, morals and values. A religious nation would not give up easily, unless that foundation was slowly eroded which has been done quite successfully.

A second major obstacle that needed to be overcome was the strong bonds of traditional families. The parental influence was very strong a century ago and most young people listened to what their parents said and taught. Today, divorce is rampant with many kids growing up in broken and fatherless homes. Schools are teaching kids to ignore their parental authority. Same-sex marriages helped to undermine the strong traditional family bonds.

The third and final obstacle was to disarm the American people. History has proven time and again that it’s very difficult to conquer a nation of armed citizens. In that effort, progressives have been working hard to disarm Americans. They have turned to the guise of needing stricter gun control to lower the amount of gun violence in the US. Then claim that the fewer guns that are in the hands of the people, the fewer gun related crimes will be committed.

However, history has also proven those arguments to be bogus and backwards. In fact, history has proven that disarming the people leads to higher crime rates. Law abiding citizens are left disarmed while criminals continue to obtain illegal guns and use them to victimized the disarmed citizens. Australia is a prime example.



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