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The state of Washington in the northwest corner of the continental United States is a beautiful state, especially the western half. The Pacific coast area is absolutely stunning and picturesque.

Sadly, this beautiful state has fallen into the hands of radical liberals who are systematically stripping away the rights of the Washington residents. Since January 1997, the state has been run by liberal Democrat governors. The current governor is Jay Inslee who began his political climb in the state House of Representatives. If you want to know how liberal Inslee is, just realize that he served as a Regional Director of the US Department of Health and Human Services under ultra-liberal President Bill Clinton.

The state legislature barely leans in favor of Democrats. The state House has 50 Democrats to 48 Republicans. The state Senate, composed of 49 seats has 24 Democrats, 24 Republicans and 1 Independent that leans Democratic.

Seattle is by far the largest and most influential city in the state. The current mayor is Ed Murray, a liberal Democrat elected in 2013. The city has had liberal Democrats as mayors since January 1990. Prior to that, they had Democrats and 1 liberal Independent as mayor since the last Republican left the mayor’s office in December 1969.

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