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It is terribly telling when we watch the liberal left attempt the same failed strategies over and over again, without even the most basic regard for the damage that they are continuing to take.

The American people simply cannot trust the liberal left at this point, as their behavior has turned from incivility to Civil War in matter of weeks.  As the rhetoric becomes razor-sharp, we cannot put these tools in the hands of the flailing and flabbergasting progressive cabal.  They’ll come down on us with force and violence, just as they did in Berkeley, California when they attempted to kill Free Speech, and just as they did in the Ford Theater when they killed republican President Abraham Lincoln.

One of the reason why the left is no longer to be trusted can be summed up in their abhorrent record on gun rights, specifically when it comes to the city of Chicago and the infamous handgun ban of 1982.  That piece of dimwitted legislation, while having already been repealed, is still affecting a great many Chicagoans today, as the influx of illegal arms into the city following the ban may never be fully recovered from.

Four people were killed and another 24 wounded by gunfire in gun-controlled Chicago over the weekend.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that three of the four fatalities occurred on Sunday.

The first fatality of the day occurred at 12:30 a.m. when someone pulled out a gun following an argument and opened fire. Twenty-two-year-old Daniel Carter was shot and killed.

Another fatality occurred earlier Sunday, around 3:30 a.m. In that incident a 32-year-old male was in a car with another 33-year-old when a car pulled up beside them and someone began shooting. The 32-year-old was struck in the head and neck and later died. The 33-year-old was stuck too, but is hospitalized “in good condition.”

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And so it goes in The Windy City.  Will the left ever truly learn their lesson when it comes to the Second Amendment?  It isn’t likely coming soon, that is for sure.

Until then, we should all pray for Chiraq.



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