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A year ago, the nation witnessed the largest mass shooting in our history in an act of Islamic terrorism at the gay nightclub, Pulse, in Orlando. Many gun control groups had hoped that this mass shooting would help them get more gun control laws passed, but a year later, the opposite is true. Instead of more gun control laws, many gun control laws at the federal and state levels have been repealed or weakened.

One year after the nation’s deadliest mass shooting, gun regulations appear less popular with Congress and state legislatures than ever before.

Gun violence prevention groups and the Democratic party said Monday, however, Americans’ appetite for change persists — and so will their legislative efforts to restrict firearms and prevent further carnage.

“Since Pulse, GAG has been successful in calling out the link between bad guns laws and violence against marginalized communities such as people of color, women, and LGBTQ folks,” Terry Roethlein, spokesperson for Gays Against Guns, told Friday. “I think all the media attention we have garnered is proof of the public’s desire to have that conversation.” …

Much to the chagrin and disappointment to people like Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, pro-Second Amendment groups and politicians have made numerous strides to secure more Second Amendment rights for the American people. Hopefully, more gun control laws will be repealed in the next few years, allowing more American citizens to legally arm themselves and protect their families, homes and persons.

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