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Despite the erroneous and incessant rhetoric of the liberal left, removing guns from a society that previously had the right to own them does not reduce violent crime.

In fact, in certain locales it is fairly obvious that the removal of the right to bear arms actually increases the number of shootings, homicides, and gang-related gun fights per capita.  The City of Chicago has been a fairly ominous reminder of this undeniable reality over the course of the last 30-some years thanks to a handgun ban that lasted from 1982 to 2014.

During this time, the firearms that remained in, and traveled to Chicago were redistributed by law into the hands of the city’s criminal element.  You see, as described in one of the nation’s most poignant anecdotes, outlawing guns only means that your outlaws will be the only ones who are armed.

In cities such as London, England, where guns are completely prohibited and the police aren’t even armed, the criminals have found a way to continue committing their crimes regardless of the issues of accessibility to firearms, even snagging the murder-rate crown from The Big Apple.

The city of Big Ben and the tube overtook New York in murders for the first time in modern history as the British capital dealt with a surge in knife attacks.

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The Sunday Times reported 15 people were murdered in London, against 14 in New York. Both cities are very diverse with large populations: London has over 8.7 million residents to New York’s 8.5 million.

In March, according to the British publication, there had been 22 killings in London versus 21 in New York.

A massive decline in crime has helped to transform New York City: In 1990, of 2,245 people were murdered. Last year, however, that number dropped nearly 90 percent to 290 murders.

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This statistic will likely irk the anti-gun liberals of the world, who have been busy exploiting a tragedy in Parkland, Florida in order to push for more stringent gun control within the United States.

In the case of the Parkland shooting, perpetrator Nikolas Cruz has been described as an incredibly disturbed teenager whose “demonic voices” within his own head directed him throughout his rampage.  Where the left has insisted that Cruz’s guns were the issue, there is little doubt that the instrument of his destruction mattered little to the maniacal murderer of 17.  Had Cruz been born in London, and suffered the same environmental and mental issues as he had in America, it would be difficult for anyone to argue that he wouldn’t have still exhibited these signs of psychopathy and violence.



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